What Are Some Basic Techniques/Skills Used In Basketball

In Basketball There are dicks in it, there are many different sections in the techniques of skills of basketball. These include sections like shooting, passing, dribbling, being the most basic of the sections of skills in basketball. These will all be discussed in this sections. In basic knowledge, shooting is basically trying to shoot the ball into the net and score, hence the name, shooting, passing is when you pass the ball with intentions that another player of your team will receive it, again in relation to the name, and lastly, dribbling is basically propelling the ball in any direction by bouncing it with your hands.


There are many ways to shoot a basketball. Shooting the "scoring" of basketball, where you score points, as like all other sports. The most well known shots are the jump shot, the layup, the slam dunk, the alley hoop, and the hook shot. All these shots are used various times during a proper basketball game, and require some technical skill to achieve. Some famous players have also come up with their own types of shots, but all based on four of the five (Not the alley hoop) fundamental shots. The hook shot is rarely used in many basketball games.

1. Jump Shot
The jump shot is the most almost basic shot that there is in basketball, aside from the simple shot where you just stand. Its all in the name, you jump and you shoot, hoping the ball slides into the net. The jump shot can score all 3 type of points, the single-point, the basic two-point, and the three-pointer. The two-point, and the three-pointer is scored while the game is in action. The three-pointer can only be counted if the ball goes into the net from being released behind the three-point line. The single-point is only scored during fouls, or free throws.

2. Lay-up
The lay-up is where you are close to the basket and basically "lay" up the ball so that it will just fall into the basket. You don't even have to use the backboard, but it is definitely an option. More specifically, you run up to the net, and then jump up to just lightly bump the ball so that, the basketball will hopefully go through the net. You can only score two-points on this type of shot in basketball.

3. Slam Dunk
A slam dunk is an extremely awesome move, but to do this shot you have to be quite tall, or need to be able to jump pretty high. Many players in the NBA can be seen scoring numerous points by dunking. To achieve this, a player with the ball must jump up, have the ball above the rim of the net, and places the ball through the hoop. Hardly ever do professional players bring it down gently; they do it with great force. And to top that, some players even hold onto the rim after doing a tremendous dunk, to score 2 points. It may seem easy, but it is never that easy to do.

4. Hook ShotIts all in the name; you shoot moving your hand in a hook motion. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the one that help this shot become more popular. It was used to shoot over the defense men, being quite tall. To do this shot, first, the player has his/her back to the net and only the outer hand is on the ball. Then, the player will turn and swing his/her arm with the ball in a hook motion and will go over the players head, in hopes that he/she will score. The quantity of the score given will depend on where you shoot from; two-points inside the 3-point line, or three-points outside the three-point line.

5. Alley Hoop
The alley hoop is a well known shot but not part of the four basic shots in basketball. The alley hoop ties in with the lay-up and the slam dunk. Basically, another player throws the ball up into the air, and a teammate jumps into the air to catch the ball for a lay-up or a tremendous dunk. This is sometimes seen in basketball games, but not very often. It always scores a single point as you will only get the chance during the game to do any alley hoop within the three-point line.


Dribbling may seem like a simple thing in basketball, but if you look carefully at the players in any professional basketball game, you see them using different types of dribbles to get past their defender(s). Dribbling is basically propelling the ball in any direction by bouncing it with the hands. Originally, when Dr. James Naismith created the game of basketball, these was no dribbling. There are, in general, seven different main ways to dribble the ball: the basic dribbling technique, the crossover dribble, the spin dribble, or reverse dribble, the "change-of-pace" dribble, the "behind the back" dribble, the "pull-back" dribble, and lastly, the "through-the-legs, dribble.

1. Basic Dribbling Technique
The basic dribbling technique is a dribble that literally everyone knows. In this dribble, you just bounce the ball, but to perfect this dribble, there are some small but extremely important things that you need to do to have this dribble very well executed. First you need, to simple bounce the ball, but only with the tips of your fingertips. If you bounce it with the palm of your hand, the ball will not bounce very well. Always have your knees bent when you are dribbling; that way you can easily move and guard the ball, and also keep you head up; you will be able to see the court more clearly, and you will not have the ball stolen from you that easily. If you can maintain all these skills while doing the basic dribble, you will surely be a great dribbler, and it will help you with harder dribbles like the "behind the back" or the "through-the-legs" dribble.

2. Crossover Dribble Technique
In this technique, it is basically dribbling the ball from one hand to the other. This is very useful when coming up against a player that is trying to defend you. To do this you basically step forward with the foot in the direction you are going; have the ball on the opposite sided hand. As you set forward with that foot, "crossover," pass the ball to the same side that the foot is on with a firm wrist flick. This technique is the most basic way to get past a defender and is very commonly used.

3. Spin Dribble Technique
The spin dribble is where you, as the name implies, spin around to get past a defender. You can get past a defender really quickly, but you miss out on where your teammates are on the court. To do this dribble, first dribble, but when you reach the defender, step forward with the opposite foot and pivot on that foot. The best thing to do in this dribble is to try to keep your head up while spinning. It is important look around you in any situation.

4. Change-of-Pace Dribble Technique
This dribble is a good technique for tricking your opponent. You appear to slow down, but you trick the defender by rushing right past them before they get a chance to know that you have deceived them. It is pretty simple to do this, but for those that are beginning to learn this trick, here are the instructions. First, you dribble up the court but once you get about one metre away from and then "pretend" that you are going to stop, by straightening your body a bit. Then, try to do this suddenly, drive forward as quick as you can, and it would be a great idea for you to drive right to the net.

5. Behind the Back Dribble Technique
Most people cannot do this dribble very successfully, with out messing up. This dribble requires you to literally dribble, or pass the ball between your hands, behind your back. This dribble requires a bit of skill to execute nicely.


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